{Blog Spotlight}Top Ten Favorite Date Ideas

I love this great blog post today from MrsDexter: Top Ten Favorite Date Ideas.

Let’s be honest, when you’re so busy building a life together, who really has time to come up with unique dates? It’s sad, but true. The genius part about this blog, is every single one of these ideas is incredibly simple and best of all- attainable. My Fav is number 6!



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4 Responses to {Blog Spotlight}Top Ten Favorite Date Ideas

  1. kjacobs729 says:

    Thanks so much for the link! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog!

  2. I want to add some…

    1. A dessert only date- my husband and I feed our son very healthy, even when eating out. So, we have not had had the luxury of having the dessert course at restaurants for about 2.5 years. (It would be mean to order dessert and not let our son have any) PLUS, anyone with kids knows that keeping a toddler happy and occupied through a dessert course is a feat worthy of a gold medal…SO we save money and have a great time by eating at home, putting our son to bed for the babysitter and then going to a restaurant and only ordering dessert! We get to relax, talk, save money and enjoy a rare treat! (this could also wok for any food you like…a “salsa date” a “wine date” or an “appetizer date”. You could go to a few restaurants and just order your favorite mini course!)

    2. Looking at model homes. This is a fun day-date on the weekends or a rare weekday off. We are looking to move, but even if you are not, it is fun to visit model homes to daydream, or our favorite- get interior design inspiration!

    3. Playing games at a place like Dave and Busters. We like to go on a Wednesday (half price game night). We eat at home to save money and use $20 to fill up our game cards and have competitions all night…who scores the most baskets, who gets the most tickets…it is fun to act like a kid and spark some friendly competition.

    4. Bowling, mini-golf, go-karts. These are things you used to be the only options when we were in high school, and it seems like once you turn 21, these “kid activities” just are not as fun as going to a club or a bar. BUT that is exactly why they are so much fun with your spouse. Just like the ‘games date’ above, it is pretty cheap and acting like a kid again is pretty fun and lets you escape the responsibility and boring-ness of being an adult!

    5. Sunday drive…(or any day). This is something right out of the 1950’s. Driving with no purpose, other than to be together. Yes, gas prices are ridiculous again, but you could pack snacks from home to save money and just pick a direction or a mile limit. We put on a good iPod mix and just find new, fun places or restaurants and add them to our list of places to try!

    I hope other readers post more ideas too! I love the 10 listed here and would love a nice, long list to keep around for us to try too!!

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